The Staff

Hollevoet Christian

Owner of the domain since 1997,
As built the domain stone by stone,
Fascinated by the wine and the gastronomy,
The jazz music and the mountain climbing.

Hollevoet Julien

The future buyer of the Domain of Chanade,
Liking the new technologies and the History,
Progressive in the environment of the wine and wishing to lead the domain in the new generation.

Miralles Damien

Cellar master,
Accompanies the family in the project since 2001,
Responsible for the elaboration of wines of the domain,
Fascinated by music, trumpeter and accordionist.

Treilhes Jean-Luc

Responsible for culture since 1997,
Work for more than 30 years in the world of the wine,
Passionate about mechanics and motorcycles.


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Domaine de la Chanade
81170 Souel

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