The Working charter

The vineyard - The vine
Led in simple guyot and tumbler (old vine)
Natural mulching a row on two
Work of the ground mechanical and manual on the other row (rotary harrows - farmer)
Green manure from vegetable origin and complements with oligo-elements
Under the row, the mechanical weeding with grape hoe or manual work
Not use of weed killers on all the vineyards vines
Use of fungicides copper and sulfur added by terpene oil
Insecticides of vegetable origins and bacteriological fight with use of bacillus thurégensis
No use of chemicals of synthesis
Debudding in spring and green harvest in summer

The Wine storehouse - The wine

Manual harvest in grape box of 25KG for red, partially manual for the whites
Yields limited at 30hl/h for red and 40hl/l for the whites
Exclusive use of local grapes variety: Braucol-Duras-Syrah for red, Mauzac-Loin de l’oeil for the whites
Natural fermentation without contribution of exogenous yeasts for red and whites
Maturing on the fine lees in tank or oak barrel for red and white
Bottling without filtration nor fining for red and with a low contribution of sulphite
Respect for the typicity of grapes variety to create deep in structure and original blending of wines
The vintaged wines are never identical and are the result of the nature and the work of the man

The winegrower



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